Urgent: Mass Execution Imminent

I just came across this article today and it really tugged at my heart strings. The president of Gambia has stated that he plans to execute all death row prisoners by mid-September. People have been dragged from their cells mercilessly killed without any warning. Their families haven’t even been told. People don’t know who is alive and who is dead. This is a troubling time.

Some are of the opinion that the people on death row belong there. However, remember that many of these people have had unfair trials, without access to lawyers, have been forced to sign pieces of paper with fake confessions and have not been given the¬†opportunity¬†to appeal. So whether they’re guilty or innocent, this violates international law.

Please sign and send this letter (at the bottom of the article) urging the foreign minister to take action and stop these merciless killings proceeding any further. This is urgent.